Gelic is a hybrid of hard gel and acrylic in a tube. This system is an alternative to gel and acrylic by offering no heat spike, no smell, unlimited play time, no ratios, super easy to file, minimal airborne dust and more.

Thoroughly salon tested and proven itself to be a remarkable system for problematic lifters, meaning even they can have stunning nails. 

Please ensure you use the tube squeezers as directed as Nailcessities cannot accept responsibility for tubes popping if squeezed incorrectly.

Follow the application guidelines below to get a flawless finish with Gelic:

* Prep nail as normal

* Apply a thin layer of base coat and cure

* Squeeze tube with the squeezer and dispense as much as needed, apply to nail.

* Dampen brush with IPA, pat and push the product around the nail until you are happy. You can apply more product if needed.

* Cure as directed.

* Wipe tacky layer off.

* File into shape with minimal effort.

* Buff to smooth.

* Apply gel polish/nail art/gems etc.

* Finish with our super glossy, long lasting top coat.