The Flexifinger & Flexihand are the world’s most realistic silicone practice fingers.

Flexifinger is a silicone training and practice finger, used by anyone wanting to excel in the art of nail enhancement.

The ease of the manoeuverable, flexible, realistic silicone practice finger allows nail students and nail technicians to practice new techniques independently without the need for a model. You can purchase Flexifinger below.

The unique patented design prevents the inserted nail from slipping or moving , making it easy to practice filing and drilling too.

Spills of polish, acrylic or gels are easily wiped off the silicone with a damp cloth.

The Flexifinger can be swapped for the other finger whilst being left for the nail to cure or dry. No down time.

Anyone using the Flexifinger can quickly and easily improve their proficiency, confidence and technical abilities prior to showing their skills on clients. 

* With unlimited practice at your fingertips, try out your nail skills on a Flexifinger at home or college.